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Top-Quality Photo Education from Inspiring Photographers - All for $49

One of the best ways to improve your photography, develop your creativity, and learn important technical skills is to invest time in photo education. This winter, for six days only, InFocus Deals is offering a bundle of some of the best photo education resources available today, all for only $49.

Over the years, we have significantly benefited from the educational resources offered by a number of the photographers participating in the InFocus Deals. Based on our own personal experience, we are excited to help bring this bundle of resources to other photographers. We are also excited to be launching the first part of our new ebook+video course, Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers - Lightroom Course, with the In Focus Deal. 

The InFocus Deal includes all of these NEW educational resources for landscape and nature photographers, worth $360 if purchased separately: 

  • Black & White Photo Processing in Lightroom by Sarah Marino
  • The Ultra-Wide Landscape by Ian Plant 
  • Getting it Right in Camera Volume 1 by Jay & Varina Patel 
  • Getting it Right in Camera Volume 2 by Colby Brown 
  • Practical Lightroom Volume 2 by Anne McKinnell 
  • Practical Lightroom Volume 2 by Chip Phillips
  • Sky Tips and Tricks - Part 1 by Mark Metternich
  • Orion Over Canyonlands – Start to Finish Workflow by Grant Collier

You can learn more here or view the introductory video below. You will be able to make your purchase until December 1.