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"My wife and I just returned from 5 days in Death Valley and found it to be an amazing place for photography. I want to thank you for writing such a terrific guide to the park. Like you, I prefer to avoid man-made things and want to show nature's beauty in my photos, so your book was perfect for me. Your photos are stunning and your advice and recommendations were incredibly helpful. They helped me look for things that I never would have had I not had your book. I had other photographer's guide books to Death Valley, but really didn't need them once I had yours. Thank you again for preparing such a great tool for amateurs like me." -Russ

"I just returned about a week ago from an incredibly successful and utterly enjoyable camping and photography trip to Death Valley, and the book you guys wrote - Desert Paradise - literally made my trip. It allowed me to spend my limited time on a well-planned and coordinated itinerary of epic locations that held the most promise, and for that I am profoundly grateful. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into the book!" – Justin

“I recently visited Death Valley NP for the first time. Prior to my trip I downloaded your Desert Paradise ebook to aid in my research. You do outstanding work and your book was an invaluable tool for a first time visitor to the park. Over a long weekend, I was able to make many images that I am quite happy with and that's due in large part to the guidance your e-book offered.” – Chris

“We purchased Desert Paradise and loved it! We found it very informative and are looking forward to reading the updates. Thanks again so much!” – Tina

"I purchased your Desert Paradise ebook a few days ago. I could tell by looking at the first few pages it was exactly what I was looking for and I am eager to read the rest of it and plan a trip to the desert." – Eva

"I just purchased your ebooks on Death Valley and Iceland... I'm always looking for a guide to help me plan my photo trips. Even a simple guide from a landscape photographer helps a lot. Your ebooks go beyond a simple guide. You saved me a tremendous amount of planning!!! In the past, I have paid $15 for a simple 25 page ebook to the Moab area. It was worth every penny. Your ebooks are very under-rated and under-priced in my opinion. For the amount of information you provided in the Death Valley book, I would have paid $40-$50. There is no way I could have researched the amount of information on my own. I have been compiling information on my Death Valley trip for the past year. I feel comfortable deleting the entire file and using your ebook. I hope you plan on expanding your ebook library on landscape locations like Death Valley and Iceland." - Joel

"Desert Paradise is such a great book and I used it on my first trip this past spring. I'm looking to go again in the next couple of months, so the timing for your update couldn't be better." – Jesse

"I LOVED Desert Paradise; it totally informed our visit to Death Valley last Spring and was so helpful.  So, I was delighted to hear that you've done an update since we hope to get back next spring."  – Dolores

“I just discovered your ebook on Death Valley and your blogs. They are wonderful and most informative. Many thanks!”– Gus

“I want to thank you for your Beyond the Grand Landscape book. I am a serious amateur nature photographer with a preference for the intimacy of the small scene. While there are a few books on macro-photography or flower photography, there has been nothing that confirmed my interest or extended what I already know until I found your book. It is comprehensive, informative, well-illustrated, and above all, very practical. Thank you for putting it together.” – Judy

"I am becoming very excited about intimate landscapes and smaller scenes. At the risk of bragging... I want you to know I took the two of the best shots I have ever taken after reading your Beyond the Grand Landscape ebook. The photos in the ebook are fantastic (not surprising) and the prose is excellent. Thanks so much for your help.” –Susan

"I also have your fabulous Beyond the Grand Landscape ebook.  It’s a great resource that I will likely refer to over and over to remind myself to expand my photographic vision, and simply to be more focused on nature’s beauty even when not photographing it." – John

"A few days ago I purchased three of your books. I'm reading Beyond The Grand Landscape now and I think it's great! It's so complete with all the information you guys share. I also find great that you share the filters you used. Not many photographers do that (they just share the EXIF) and filters make a huge difference in any image. I'm learning a lot and I just felt like sending you this message."  – Paolo

"I read - even devoured your Beyond the Grand Landscape ebook. I know this not being the considerate way to do it as the book deserves more contemplation, which I hope to do soon. I am taken by your approach to landscape photography (and I also admire your blogs)." -Erwin

“This is an excellent course with many concepts and examples well organized and presented for others to learn the making of compelling black and white images and improve their own photography.  I've already picked up a number of ideas from what I've gone through so far that will help me enhance my photographs beyond what I am doing now and know there will be much more as I continue to work through the course. Thank you!” - Martin.

"Thanks so much Sarah for the creation of this wonderful (black & white photography) course. This has helped inspire me to pursue black & white photography with a new passion and enthusiasm. In the digital era, I always though of black & white photography as something one did as a final step after completion of processing of a color photo. I now realize B&W works best when one pre-visualizes the image as B&W from the moment of capture, and processes the raw file at every step along the way with B&W in mind. Your videos and e-book have given me the knowledge of the tools necessary to succeed in this challenge." - Erwin

"I've just finished Sarah's complete black and white course. I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills in black and white photography, from fieldcraft to editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Really worth getting the package including the ebook. Now I need to get practicing!" - John 

“I have to say I’m incredibly pleased with the quality of this series. Most tutorials don’t lay the ground work for the full walk-through edit. Your [tutorials are] laid out so precisely and are so well thought out and organized. Things like a PDF with time stamps that relate to the video are INCREDIBLY helpful when I’m trying to look back at how something was done. The price point for the quality is one of the best on the tutorial market (I own at least 10 landscape tutorials). I can’t wait to up my B&W game!!! Thank you Sarah, truly impressive video series.” - Jesse

“I just bought (your black & white photography) ebook and it is terrific - clear instructions, thorough subject coverage, and filled with gorgeous, inspiring images. Really tremendous work.” - Charles

"Your guide is simply too good not to be seen by everyone wanting to shoot Iceland!" – Tom

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for your Iceland ebook that I purchased months ago, and just finished using on our trip to Iceland. My wife and were only able to spend 4 days in Iceland, but your recommendations for what to see and the directions to the sites were OUTSTANDING! In the four days spent, we were able to hit the Golden Circle, Southern Iceland, and 1/3 of your recommendations in the Southeastern section of Iceland. We are definitely planning on taking another and longer trip to Iceland in the future, and will definitely be using your ebook as our main source for things to do and see. The "recommended gear" chapter, and technical suggestions were quite valuable! On our longer trip, I will take the opportunity to experiment more with your suggestions." - J.K. 

“My friend Christophe and I found your Forever Light guide to be very useful on our trip to Iceland this year. I think it is really the best and most useful travel guide I have ever purchased.” – Carsten

"After purchasing your Forever Light ebook, I need to tell you that it is absolutely phenomenal! I had already done a fair amount of research for my Iceland trip, but your guide would have been all I needed. I wish I ordered this ebook before spending hours reading travel books and researching online. In addition, it is clearly presented and incredibly well-organized. With your ebook and google maps, I was easily able to decide on my travel dates, mode of transportation, desired itinerary as well as determine exactly how much driving will be involved for each day of the trip." – Chrissy

“I visited Iceland with about 20 readers of my photo blog this last week and your Forever Light book was a LIFESAVER! VERY VERY VERY well done. Exactly the info we were looking for.” – Jim

"I have not only referred to Forever Light over and over again, but i recommend it to everyone going to Iceland.  Your work is really a labor of love." - Ilene

“Thanks for updating your Iceland location guide (Forever Light). In this summer, my wife and I made a photo trip to Iceland, where your Iceland Location Guide was very helpful. It was the best travel guide we had with us.” – Thomas

"Your Forever Light guide to Iceland was extremely helpful to me last year as I navigated to some of the key photographic sites you recommended, particularly on the southern & western coastlines. Great tips as well as directions so congratulations. I will attempt to improve my shots this year now that I am better equipped to understand the area and with your guide books in tow. Congratulations as well on your photography skills and willingness to share some hints on how to improve my shots as an amateur. Very inspiring as well as motivating." – Paul

“I just got back from Iceland and LOVED your Forever Light ebook! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. My only problem is: all I can think about is how soon can I get back there?” - Erno

"Downloaded your Forever Light ebook yesterday as we are going to Iceland at the end of May. Your book should be required reading for ANY photographer going there. Lots of great information and insights. Thanks for doing this ebook!!" – Ed

"Last year around this time I started researching for a trip to Iceland. After weeks of searching and planning I stumbled upon your Forever Light guide.  At that point I tossed out all of the other research I had done.  Your guide proved to be invaluable both in terms of the time and money it saved me as well as providing essential tips that made the trip enjoyable. Great piece of work and thank you!" – Scott

"The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for your first trip to Iceland is pick up this ebook.  We went to Iceland equipped with about 7 guide books, several maps, advice, contacts, and ideas, but we found that we referred to Forever Light 90% of the time." - Miles

“Your Forever Light ebook is really outstanding.   I am afraid it is going to cost me a bundle in Iceland travel that I might not otherwise have done.  I see at least two trips in the next year to cover the seasons. Thanks!” – Bob

"You all did a superb job with the first edition of the Iceland ebook! Your patience and attention to photo details is outstanding!" – Whitman

"Forever Light is an excellent ebook and I’m using it to plan my trip to Iceland next year.  You’ve done a wonderful job in organizing the information and highlighting the features with your lovely images.  I have yet to see anything like it." – Paul

"Forever Light is one of the best and most thorough photography guides I have seen. Truly a wealth of fantastic information that covers all aspects of planning a trip to Iceland, regardless of if it is your first trip or a return. I only wish I had this type of information available in a well put together e-book when we first visited this amazing place." - Koveh

"Your ebooks are all great and very unique. We are heading to Iceland next February so your updated Forever Light ebook will be particularly helpful." - Jenny

"I have had your Forever Light ebook spinning round for a year and just got round to reading it. I spent two weeks in Iceland on a photo expedition in 2012 and would dearly like to go back. We visited the south and trekked for five days from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk. Your book seems to tally pretty well with what I remember and I found it excellent. Congratulations." – David

"I wanted to send you an email to say thank you again for all your information.  I had a MARVELOUS time in Iceland, using many of your suggestions from your Forever Light ebook and emails. Thanks again!" – Deanna

"Thanks to Sarah and Ron for this great book (Forever Light). We just returned from 2 weeks in Iceland and the book was a great help to us in finding good photos and interesting places to explore." –Peter

"Just back from Iceland and wanted to send a note of thanks... Many thanks for taking time to put together the directions (in Forever Light) and sharing them in your most excellent e-book!" –Dusty

"I just purchased your ebooks on Death Valley and Iceland... I'm always looking for a guide to help me plan my photo trips. Even a simple guide from a landscape photographer helps a lot. Your ebooks go beyond a simple guide. You saved me a tremendous amount of planning!!! In the past, I have paid $15 for a simple 25 page ebook to the Moab area. It was worth every penny. Your ebooks are very under-rated and under-priced in my opinion. For the amount of information you provided in the Death Valley book, I would have paid $40-$50. There is no way I could have researched the amount of information on my own. I have been compiling information on my Death Valley trip for the past year. I feel comfortable deleting the entire file and using your ebook. I hope you plan on expanding your ebook library on landscape locations like Death Valley and Iceland."- Joel

"I LOVE your Iceland ebook. I was a great source of inspiration for my trip there last March." - Anonymous

"I’m not blowing smoke when I say you and Sarah Marino have produced one of the best location guides I’ve seen." - Michael

"I just purchased both of your Iceland ebooks and I am SOOOO excited to read them!!! I've taken a quick look-through and your photos are amazing! I am also a photographer and I am going to Iceland for the second time for two weeks in June/July and I know that your e-books are going to be a HUGE inspiration for me. Thank you!!!" – Laurie

"Forever Light is an ebook that I recommend to pretty much everyone. And I do mean everyone. Even if you are not a crazy Clif-bar-feasting, sleep-and-nutritionally-deprived landscape photographer, there’s enough information in here to ensure that everyone gets a unique, artistically rewarding experience in a country that’s seen a boom in conventional tourism. In fact, in the last few weeks I have recommended this book to many non-photographer friends bound for Iceland. The photos are inspiring and the information is so thoughtfully presented, I feel like I’ve been there already. Thanks, Ron and Sarah! The world awaits more expertly-researched guides that I’m sure are coming soon." - Schmoo

"I just purchased your Iceland ebook and placed it on my iBooks shelf for bedtime reading. I already perused the first 15 pages. OMG!!!  Exactly the resource I am looking for. Thank you again." – Eva

"I want to thank you for the incredible resource - Forever Light - that you have developed along with Sarah." – Paul

"Thank you again for the valuable information on Iceland.  Your ebook and emails were extremely helpful.  Iceland is an amazing place with so much to see.  We covered a lot of ground in only two weeks, but were able to focus on special things we might have passed by if not for your guidance." – John

"I recently purchased your book - Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer's Guide to Iceland - and I am loving it! The images are inspiring, and the book itself is informative and well written." – Rob

"I purchased your Forever Light ebook a few days ago and have read the entire thing already.  It is the best resource I have found for photographers (and visitors in general).  Thanks!!" – John

“Just wanted to ping out a note of thanks with regards to your Forever Light eBook on photographing Iceland... Was used extensively in my visit of a few weeks back! Thanks again!” – Des

"The Iceland ebook is freaking amazing. I’m about 2/3 the way through it and am blown away by the amount of detail and information contained in it. You done good." - Brett

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