If you have questions about our ebooks or how to save them after purchase, we hope that you will find the answer to your question on this page. If you still need assistance, please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I print a copy of the ebook?  Yes, you are welcome to print a copy of the ebook you purchase for your personal use. Your purchase does not allow you to make copies of the ebook for distribution of any sort beyond your personal use.

Can I save my ebook to multiple devices? Yes, you are welcome to save the ebooks you purchase on all of your personal devices.

Can I share the download link with a friend? No! In buying one of our ebooks, you are purchasing a PDF document that is licensed for your personal use only. We have put a great deal of hard work into these ebooks and ask that each person who wants a copy of one of our ebooks makes their own purchase.

When will I get the hard copy in the mail? When you make a purchase through our store, you are purchasing a PDF file, not a hard copy book. After your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link from which you can access your PDF.

Can I use PayPal to pay? We use a big payment processor, Stripe, to help make transactions safe and secure. Still, we know that some people prefer PayPal for online purchases. If you would like to buy an ebook using PayPal, please contact us and we will share our PayPal email address.

I bought the first edition of your Iceland ebook. Can I get the new one for free? Because the second edition includes a lot of new information, we are not offering the second edition for free to previous buyers (with the exception of sending a free copy to people who purchased the first edition right around the release of the second edition). You can see the list of updates to the second edition here to help you decide if buying the new edition makes sense for your needs.  


How to Download Your Ebook Onto Your Computer or Laptop:

  • Click on the link in the email you receive after making your purchase. This should open the PDF file in a PDF reader (like Adobe Reader) on your computer. Note: If you purchased an ebook bundle, you will need to unzip the file first before accessing the individual PDF files.
  • Make sure you save the document in an easy-to-access place once you open it. The download link will only work for 24 hours, so please save your ebook file during that time to help ensure that you can access the file in the future. 


How to Download Your Ebook onto an Apple Device (iPad or iPhone):

Note: If you purchased an ebook bundle, you will need to unzip the file first. You can either do this on your personal computer or with an unzipping app from the Apple App Store.

  • Click on the link you receive after making your purchase. This should open the PDF in Safari. Because of the large file size of our ebooks, you may need to wait a few minutes for the document to fully download in Safari
  • Once the document has downloaded and is open in Safari, click once the document. This will open a menu with the options “Open in…” and “Open in iBooks.” If you want to open the document in an app like Adobe Reader or Kindle, click “Open in…” and select your desired app. The document will be loaded and saved into that selected app. If you want to open the document in iBooks, click “Open in iBooks.” The document will be loaded and saved in iBooks. You have to follow these steps to save your document for future viewing, as opening it in Safari WILL NOT save the ebook PDF on your device.
  • You may also want to save the ebook file in a safe place, like on your computer, in case something happens to the files on your device. 
  • The download link will only work for 24 hours, so please save your ebook file during that time. Also, please make sure you have saved the file in a second location or backed it up in some way to ensure that you will have future access if something happens to your device. 


Common Issues Downloading Our Ebooks:

Apple Devices: The most common problem in downloading our ebooks is not having an app capable of reading a PDF on iPads and iPhones. For Apple devices, make sure that you have iBooks, Adobe Reader, or another PDF viewer installed on your device before you try to download and save the ebook. Once you have a PDF reader installed, click the ebook link in your confirmation email, let it open in Safari, tap the document once to get the "open in" screen, and select the app you wish to use.

Ebook Bundles: If you buy an ebook bundle, you will need to unzip the file before you can download the individual ebooks. For Apple users, you can find apps for unzipping in the Apple App Store or you can unzip the files on your computer before loading them on to your Apple device. 

Expired Download Links: If your download link has expired or you have misplaced your file, please contact us with your order number and we will get a new download link out as soon as we can. 

Buyers Outside the United States: A few buyers outside the United States, especially from China, have had issues with the ebook links we send out after a purchase. If you are a buyer from outside the US and are having trouble with the download link, please contact us for assistance.